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I have seen in my experience that since our time is valuable we should read Journal Articles that are the most high yield for clinical rotations and the USMLEs. It is good for an individual to read about the latest studies in their field of interest if they have a real desire about that field if they would like, but this is not-high yield for your rotation or USMLE. As students/residents our job is to understand the pathophysiology. I have looked through NEJM/Lancet/Annals of Internal Medicine for the review pathophysiology articles not the original studies. This is a database of articles which are all high yield and relevant for USMLE Steps 1/2/3 and our rotations.
The main problem in exam prep is that the review books (Kaplan/First Aid etc) are all a summary of the pathophysiology. In a USMLE review book there might be a couple lines or a paragraph about Pulmonary Embolism but in NEJM/Lancet there is entire 10 page article so a person would know everything they need to know about it. Seeing a topic from these 3 sources will offer us a full understanding about a topic.

You can get these articles usually from your medical school's library or the hospital library. These are very popular journals so access will not be a problem. 

The New England Journal of Medicine Review Articles: http://www.nejm.org/medical-articles/review
Annals of Internal Medicine In The Clinic: http://www.annals.org/site/intheclinic/index.xhtml

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